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  • What is Ice and Water shield?
    Ice & water shield is a thick, sticky-back underlayment that will adhere to your roof deck and prevent water from seeping into your home if it gets under your shingles. If an ice dam occurs on your roof and water backs up under the shingles it will seep down into your home through the nail holes holding the shingles on and into your attic. Once there it will saturate plywood, insulation, and drywall, which will lead to interior home repairs on your walls, ceilings, paint, and insulation. Ice & water shield acts as a gasket around each of those nail holes, creating a water-tight barrier that won’t let any leaks happen. If water does get under the shingles, it will stay on top of the ice & water shield and run off your roof where it belongs.
  • Do you install ridge vent?
    Ridge vent is typically installed at the highest ridge of your roof depending on the structure of your roof. Proper attic ventilation systems allow a continual flow of outside air through the attic, protecting the efficiency of the insulation and helping to lower temperatures in the living space. This will help prevent some things such as mildew growth, buckling of shingles, Ice build up.
  • How long will my roof last?
    How long a roof will last will depend on different factors. Shingle roofs have a variety of warranties going from 25, 30, 40 and 50 year warranties to a lifetime warranty. You can expect a metal roof to last at least 2 to 3 times longer than a regular roof. In general terms, count on a metal roof lasting 40 to 60 years and beyond.
  • Should I repair my roof or can it be replaced?
    This answer will depend on factors such as how old your roof is, what condition the roof is in. Contact Fleischer Brothers to get a free inspection and with repair and replace estimates.
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